About Us

The Rug Colorist specializes 100% in correcting colors of Persian, Oriental and Specialty rugs. We have trained with the best in the industry, and utilize the best available practices, from using the highest quality colorants to applying the latest evaluation and application techniques.


We are dedicated to restoring each rug to the best possible outcome, with great attention to detail and care.


Our dyeing services restores valuable rugs that have been rendered useless by uneven sun fading or stained and bleached by chemicals and pet stains.

With a passion for this trade, with pride and dedication, each rug is restored with the utmost care and excellence. I am honored to get to restore and transform your treasured rugs. 



  • Colorful Carpets Certification (by Dye Master Chris Howell)
  • Master Dyer Course (by Dye Master Ron Toney)
  • Carpet Dyeing Course (by Dye Master Melody David)
  • Color Repair Technician CRT IICRC
  • Rug Repair Certification by The Rug Seminar and The Rug Advocate
  • Rug Seminar & Rug ID Certification 

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