Rug Dyeing Services

We have extensive experience in restoring all rugs, including Persian, Oriental and Contemporary rugs. 


We specialize in restoring various types of fibers, including wool, silk, art silk, tencel, bamboo silk, and others. 

Our clients include Interior Designers, Rug Cleaners, Rug Collectors and Dealers, Rug Manufacturers, Property Managers of High End Properties, Hotels and Commercial Properties. 


We've helped countless clients, including the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C., Four Seasons Hotel @ Miami Beach - FL, Wyndham Hotel @ Clearwater Beach - FL, Hotel Nikko @ San Francisco - CA, Aloft of Santa Clara - CA,  University Club of Washington D.C. in Washington D.C. and have a 5-Star Rating on Google and Yelp.


Interior Designers
We restore color to intricate classic Persian and Oriental rugs as well as exotic rugs with innovative fibers and construction patterns. We also provide custom matching rug Over dyeing services to renovate a faded rug, to modify an outdated color, to match it a favorite color accent in a home or office, or to simply bring it to the latest fashionable color in style.

*About Photo: The rug was of a light cream color and the designer wanted it custom matched to the picture of the lady playing the instrument. The color was calculated and the rug was brought to the desired color. 

Rug Dealers
We bring new color to rugs that have not sold due to outdated or faded colors.


Rug Cleaners

 Rugs are intricate and complex treasured works of arts of diverse styles and cultures and sometimes when rugs are cleaned, the dyes can run due to initial fiber instability, prior chemical exposure to chemicals that damage dyes/dyes bond, exposure to stains or due to improper cleaning methods. No matter the cause, we can offer our expert skills in providing the best method of rug color restoration, saving cleaners tens of thousands of dollars in damage losses. 

*About photo: The rug was washed and the dye bled and in the process of stripping the excess dye, the rug cleaner stripped too much of it, turning the triangle to a pink color. We utilized color theory to add the color missing, correcting the color to the original one, saving the rug cleaner thousands of dollars in replacing the customer's rug. 

Commercial Rug Owners 
We work with commercial areas and hotels to maintain their lobby area and conference room rugs in pristine condition. 
Residential Rug Owners
Whether you had a wine spill or a dog had an accident on your treasured rug, often times the stain remains after the regular rug cleaning. We specialize in all color corrections. 
*About Photo: Qum rug had pet damage. The Rug Colorist removed the stain correcting the color, restoring the rug to its original color.