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Custom Color Match & Rug Over Dyeing Design

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We restore color to intricate classic Persian and Oriental rugs as well as exotic rugs with innovative fibers and construction patterns. We also provide custom matching rug Over dyeing services to renovate a faded rug, to modify an outdated color, to match it a favorite color accent in a home or office, or to simply bring it to the latest fashionable color in style.

Our clients include interior designers, rug cleaners, rug dealers, property managers and rug owners. Our services include: 


Whole Rug or Spot Dyeing Restoration
Rug Over Dyeing (Select desired color)
Sun-Fading, Chemical Fading, Pet Urine Damage, Stains 
Fiber Conditioning (restores brittle fibers of Antique Rugs)
Fiber Trimming (restores pulled fibers from cat scratch & fuzz)

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5 Star Reviews

Very professional and knowledgeable. I thought my carpet would never be the same. Her work is amazing and I highly recommend the Rug Colorist for any rug treatments and repairs. A really honest company.


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